Our story

We love the concept of giving somebody a gift subscription. Knowing that the person receiving the gift will think about the person who has sent it every time a box drops through the letter box gives us a big warm feeling!

It all started when one of our team (Paul) sent one of his colleagues (Danny) a 6-month magazine subscription. Danny would mention the magazine’s arrival every time it came and would thank Paul - we all commented on how much more that present was appreciated than a one-off gift. So this got us thinking about what else would be nice to receive every month - and after a lot of ideas we hit on a monthly socks subscription box.

We planned out and developed our first version of Socks In A Box and sourced socks from a number of suppliers. The feedback from customers was fantastic and we knew that we had an online store that provides an alternative type of give at a price that makes sense.

We then redesigned the site to include some of the features that customers had asked us for - the option to send the first box to the customer (with the remainder going to the recipient of the gift), a “do not open until” option and a more regular start date for the subscription service - these changes have made the site even more appealing to our customers.

Additionally we commissioned our own socks to be designed and so the socks on our site are exclusive to us and will not be available anywhere else - again our customers love that.

We will keep introducing new features to the site and extending the product range.

That’s our story… so far!