How it works

Our socks subscriptions make gift giving easier and more enjoyable

Select a product

We have organised our sock designs such that you have a choice of styles that will suit the lucky recipient. Simply make your selection of the sock subscription product that is most suitable.

Choose the subscription length

Our sock subscriptions have a fixed length - they are not recurring and so you will not be caught out with ongoing charges. Depending on the product, select a subscription length of 3, 6 or 12 months and the number of pairs of socks you would like in each box.

Tell us who to send the boxes to

At the start of the checkout let us know the name and address of the recipient of the gift.

Choose a start date

We send out boxes on Wednesdays - you can select any Wednesday in the coming 3 months to start your subscription (at busy times we sometimes add in extra start days).

Use the "Do Not Open Until..." option if you wish

If the box will arrive a little too early for the recipient’s birthday (or other significant occasion) then there is an option to include a "Do Not Open Until..." date on the outside of the box - these boxes will be in plain packaging so your secret is safe!

Select "Send first box to me..." if you are seeing the recipient

...Or maybe you will be seeing the recipient for their significant day and wish to hand over the first box in person. We have this covered - if you wish, just tell us where you would like the first box sent to - all the others will be sent directly to the recipient.

Write a personal message

A personal message to the recipient is a nice touch. Simply enter your message when checking out and it will appear on a card that we will pop into the first box.

We send out the socks (in a box!)

Leave the rest to us - we will send the first box on the day you asked us to start the subscription (we use 2nd class post so allow two days for it to arrive) and then the other boxes will be sent at monthly intervals until the subscription ends.