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The Cowshed

The Cowshed

The aim of The Cowshed is to give support to people who are in personal crisis. Primarily the charity helps provide clothing and other essentials to those they support - this include refugees, homeless people and people escaping domestic violence.

The clothes are collected from a number of sources including shops, manufacturers and the general public. The Cowshed then sorts, washes (if necessary) and irons the clothing before distributing the items through a number of different channels. The charity is determined to ensure the people they support receive quality, clean clothing to help at their time of crisis.

The Cowshed also has a great initiative where they are able to lend outfits to 16 to 18-year-olds who have not been able to purchase clothing for a School Prom or Leavers' Ball. This means that many young adults are able to attend these important events when they otherwise would not be able to.

Apart from the good work that the charity performs to help people in crisis it also has a close eye on the environmental side of its work and aims to reduce plastic waste wherever possible and encourages recycling.

Socks In A Box is proud to be able to support The Cowshed with a donation of socks through our #socksforgood initiative. For every order we receive while The Cowshed is our charity partner we will donate a pair of new socks.