Traditionally socks and sandals – in particular on men – have been much frowned upon by the fashion set. Or even by regular folks like us here at Socks in a Box, purveyors of the sock subscription. And if for you the combination of open-toed shoes worn with hosiery conjures up images of bad cargo shorts, with those brown leather sandals typically worn by middle-aged tourists, and a pair of white sports socks that come half way up the calf then you are not alone!


However you might have noticed a recent trend over the last couple of summers where those in the know have been sporting socks with sliders – AKA those plastic pool type shoes. They originated on the catwalks (thanks Gucci!) and it wasn’t long before fashion savvy celebs such as Rihanna were snapped by the paparazzi wearing the unlikely combo. And it wasn’t long after that when you’d spot socks and sliders on any regular Joe, or Josephine, on your local high street.

So where does the whole concept of wearing a pair of open shoes with a pair of socks come from? And why is it kind of okay when an edgy fashionista rocks the look and not when your dad does it on holiday? Some sock and sandal wearers would argue that it’s summer, it’s warm and they also want to be able to let their feet loose in something less restrictive then sweaty trainers or smart leather shoes. The thing is, most men don’t bare their feet in public and therefore may feel a little shy about exposing this usually-hidden part of their body. White others say that exposing your feet to the elements is unhygienic. So they add socks. 

But let’s suppose you too want to give your tootsies a rest from bulky or formal footwear and you’re not a fan of trainers - or your feet, come to that matter. What can you wear instead of selling your sole (pun intended) to the devil and turning to sandals and socks? There are plenty of other options for sock lovers of all sexes. A pair of canvass pumps, boat shoes, loafers – these all work well in warmer weather, and unlike the sandal, will look stylish and presentable with a pair of our monthly socks!

If you know someone that needs to kick their socks and sandals or sliders habit, may we suggest you put your foot down, buy them a monthly sock subscription and start dropping hints about espadrilles!