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How it works

We’ve been wanting to redevelop our packaging for a while, we felt that the boxes the socks arrived in could be improved. As such, we did some customer research to see what you (the customer) really thought about the packaging we used. Generally people seemed happy, they liked the use of recycled materials in the boxes, but they weren’t being reused in the way we had hoped.

We then went away and thought about what we could do to improve the situation. We worked with packaging designers to come up with a new box which would be plastic free, made from recycled materials but still look great and make someone feel special when it arrived in the post. We also redesigned the inside of the box to make it more friendly.

Sock gift boxes

After some experimentation, we also realised that it was possible to have a significantly smaller box and still fit in the socks. This would ensure the socks didn’t move around in transit as well as using less materials (good for sustainability) as well as being easier to handle for the recipient.

So far reaction to the new packaging has been universally positive, with people liking the new look, especially the bright stickers. The postman likes the smaller boxes too!