The problem with plastic

It is a well-documented fact that there is a huge plastic problem in our society and this is not only a problem on land but in the oceans too. Single use plastic is not biodegradable and as such, when thrown away, pervades the environment, causing damage in all sorts of ways and affecting both animal and plant life. Little is known about the effect of microplastics on humans and plant life but there is rising awareness of the problem and the realisation that it’s probably not beneficial!

Looking for sustainable packaging solutions

Here at Socks in a Box we take what we do seriously and have dedicated a long time into looking for sustainable packaging solutions that will ultimately be better for the world and better for our children’s future. We want our packaging to be robust, recyclable and biodegradable and have looked at packaging options from paper boxes to bags made from potato starch! We are pleased with what we’ve achieved but we’re always looking for ways to improve.

It is not just our choices that we are conscious of, but also the choices of our suppliers - and we’re asking them to remove plastic from their packaging wherever possible.

Moving with technology as it develops

As technology develops, we have to move with it. As a small, independent business whose currency is technology, we are in a prime position to realise just how quickly modern technology changes and the importance of keeping abreast of it.

Indeed, during the time we’ve spent looking for plastic-free packaging solutions, what’s available has evolved. Did you know that there is now a plant-based sellotape?

Here at Socks in a Box we are constantly and continuously reviewing our packaging solutions and are committed to eliminating plastic at every stage of the process.

Going plastic-free from end to end

So, ideally we want to be completely plastic free from end to end - to have no plastic at all in any stage - from suppliers to customers. We will carry on working closely with our suppliers to make this possible and reviewing the available technology and solutions.

We are aiming to develop a range of packaging solutions to suit our different sock products - different types of boxes, different sizes, plastic-free bags for these to go in as well as plastic free labels and inks.

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