His and Hers socks

Finding a present for a couple can be so tricky as there is never a guarantee that both will like what you buy. However, with our His and Hers socks subscription you'll know that both parties will love the gift you buy them.

In each box will be a pair of men's socks and a pair of women's socks. The styles will be mixed and so the recipients will be pleased to get something different every month for the length of the subscription.

Men’s socks suit UK Size 7-11 feet, women’s socks suit UK Size 4-7 feet

Product information

  • Fixed subscription length - no recurring charges
  • Your own message to the recipient in first box
  • The socks come in one size for women - UK size 4-7, and one size for men - UK size 7-11
  • All socks are made from high-quality cotton
  • Hand-linked toe for extra comfort
Can I choose the socks that go in the box?

Here’s how it works

Something to give on the day

We’ll send you a gift certificate for you to print out and give to your recipient if you see them before their first delivery.

No need for anyone to wait in

Our boxes are small enough to fit through most letter boxes, meaning your recipient needn’t be in for their socks to be delivered.

Personalised message in the box

Include a personal message when you order and we’ll pop it in the box so that your recipient knows who to thank!

The perfect gift

Well-designed, funky socks every month for 3, 6, or 12 months. The gift that keeps on giving.